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Microphone sensitivity too low Iplay 40 Pro
2022-11-28 13:19:09
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Please note there is NO Bluetooth headset or anything like that attached to this tablet either. This is the Internal microphone that I am using and having issues with.

to this device I am using the internal microphone. It is the internal microphone that is the issue on this Iplay 40 Pro.

So I am on apps with friends like Meetme and Google Meet and
they are all saying that its hard to hear me. I can’t find anywhere
to increase the microphone level.  Right now the microphone stinks
on this no one can hear me!

This issue is not just occuring on one app but all apps.

I just got this device it is a BRAND new device though Amazon this is no good if no one can hear me if you can’t fix this I am sending it back!  I am mad

Model: iPlay_40Pro
Serial #: 1020HP256GB22351600926
Build: T1020H_V1.0_20220908

Thiis is the one that has 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage.

This came from Amazon.  You better provide more than basic technical
support tihs is YOUR product and this is a bug with
your tablet! You need to fix this!!!

I have already rebooted the device that doesn’t help so please
don’t tell me to do that I have tried most of the obviously things and I have been
troubleshooting this for some time now.

Now I checked for updates and it says my tablet is up to date.  You are not dealing with your average end user here I am a trained network admin myself. I am very technical.

I can’t find any setting in the settings area to turn up the mic gain.
this is garabage!

This device is running Android 11 still?

Why are your devices still running Android 11 when Android 12 is out and Android 13 is being worked on.  You are way out of date.

The version of the software you sent to me wasn’t even the latest version either.

Alldocube iPlay40H(T1020H) firmware download

iPlay40H(T1020H)-EN-20221027 That is the version I flashed onto the device
I noticed mine actually came with iPlay40H(T1020H)-EN-20220908

That version which is an OLD version of the firmware that came loaded on to the device. and I just got this device. Please load the latest version of the firmware onto
your devices before you ship them it is saying “2021-11-05” so that means this has
firmware has been out for a YEAR and I just got my device like under a week ago.

It was like 1.42 GB in size it was a full version of the software.

I went to your website and found a newer version and the software has been out for a year.  But even after the upgrade I still have the same issue with the microphone it didn’t fix the issue by flashing this new version onto the device.

Also why is the update in settings not working it just says I am up to date it

seems like Alldocube isn’t pushing out updates via the update option on the

devices.  There was an update available but it wouldn’t update via the settings and then going down to update device in the setttings.

Bottom line is no one can hear me when I am on with them there is NO case on this either it is just the tablet with NO casae on it.  The microphone level is way too low!


Alldocube you need to find a way to fix this issue with this built in microphone

on this device.

2022-11-30 21:47:37

Follow up on this issue I returned the device though Amazon as no one

responded here and I couldn’t get help with the issue I emailed Alldocube as well

multiple times and you didn’t get a response till after it was already on it’s

way back.


Don’t deal with Alldocube their support is horrible they provide little to no

help if you have an issue with one of their devices I will never deal with

this company again!

2022-11-30 22:38:32

Clearly I am not the only one having microphone issues with this

device the Iplay 40 pro


Alldocube iPlay 40 Pro Review – Best Upgrade For Mid-Range Tablet

“There is a 5.0MP sensor on the front for 720p video calls or taking selfies,
although I was disappointed because of its low quality with some noise while
recording from the microphone”

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