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iPlay40H/iPlay40 Pro

iPlay40H/iPlay40 Pro

The firmware compression package contains the flashing tutorial, please read it carefully before flashing.

System Firmware

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Please pay attention to back up the tablet data before flashing, beware of data loss due to errors. FAQs


Product Model : T1020H/T1020HP

File size : 1.42GB

Downloads : 29699

Update log:

The old version firmwares for iPlay40H/iPlay40 Pro:





firmware upgrade tool & guide download link:

Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and Guide.rar


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  • Ron Knapik

    Yes, at least Android 12 would be nice!!!!!!!

  • antonis

    android 12? android 13?

  • Rafa souza

    Is there a way to update manually without a PC?

  • Antonis Kaloidis

    anyone installed A13 ? link? on 40h?

  • Sergio Matalon

    My Iplay40h, it didn’t come with the play store or google services and when I install it via apk they don’t work, a constant error message appears and the apps don’t open.

    I can’t install any apps.

  • Customer service absolutely stinks! They don’t answer email or even when you message them on Facebook. I got an Iplay 40 Pro the microphone is horrible the microphone is not sensetive at all. People complain that they can’t hear me when I am on a wide range of apps. Not just one app. I contacted their support I got once answer of them saying oh its a limitation of Android 11 while using a bluetooth headset that people can’t hear you I responded to them saying I wasn’t using a bluetooth headset and that I was using the internal microphone and that they needed to fix their product. I got no response from them then. Thier customer service absolutely stinks! Their iplay 40 pro doesn’t work well at all people can’t hear me when I am on Google Meet, Meetme, Facebook messenger and other apps it isn’t limited to just one app. The company refuses to fix their crappy product and refuses to even help me!

    Also for the record there is NO case on this device either so it isn’t an issue like that either. And even with out a case on it people still can’t hear me. Alldocube’s product is faulty and doesn’t work as it should.


    It doesn’t even look like that when they shipped me the tablet it had the latest software on it either. The version that came on my device was “iPlay40H(T1020H)-EN-20220908” I checked it in the settings.

    I went to their website and noticed that there was a new version of the software out “iPlay40H(T1020H)-EN-20221027”

    But if you go check for an update on the device it says I am up to date when clearly I am not. The new release was 1.42 GB in size. I downloaded it and put the latest firmware on the device which still didn’t fix the microphone issue people could still not hear me even after I put the latest firmware on. It appears that their update option on the device isn’t even pushing out updates either. This firmare release has been out for about a YEAR too it wasn’t like it was just released. So ya the company isn’t even updating their firmware before shipping out brand new tablets. I just got mine about a week ago. updating the firmware still didn’t fix the microphone issue and the support people ignore me and won’t help me. Absolutely worst customer support ever! Horrible company!

    This product is pure CRAP! The Iplay 40 pro doesn’t work as intended peopel can’t hear me even when I am talking loudly people complain that they barely can hear me. There is no option to turn up to mic gain anywhere. The support people ignore you! Thier product is garbage and their support is garbage! Don’t buy anything from Alldocube! Abolutely horrible company! I have emailed them multiple times and now the company is just ignoring me they won’t fix the microphone issue and won’t help me. Wow absolutely horrible company I hope this company goes bankrupt real soon they are nothing but a scam!

  • Benny

    Why can’t update Android and Google play security patches?

    1. Marek reply to Benny

      Podłączam się do zapytania, dlaczego nie można?

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