iPlay 60 mini Pro

Pocket Mighty Player

The Global Best-Selling 8.4-Inch Mini Tablet

Meet the iPlay 60 Mini Pro: a sleek, powerful mini tablet engineered for seamless performance. With its robust processor, vibrant display, gyro sensor, 6050mAh battery, face unlock, and dual speakers, it promises an immersive entertainment experience. Powered by Alldocube OS 3.0 on Android 14, it delivers a refined and intuitive user experience that ensures productivity and keeps you engaged.

Enhanced gaming experience

with gyro and haptic motor

Long-lasting 3.8V/6050mAh

18W PD battery

Facial recognition

for convenient unlocking

Alldocube OS

built on Android 14

Compact Yet Powerful
Ignite Your Mobility

Elevate your on-the-go experience with the iPlay 60 mini Pro. Engineered for mobility with a slim 7.9mm profile and lightweight 310g body, it easily fits into your bag or pocket. The sleek design, crafted from premium Aluminum Alloy, ensures both style and durability for your active lifestyle.

CNC Robust Frame
Smooth Rounded Edges

The iPlay 60 mini Pro boasts a CNC Robust frame, providing durability and a sleek aesthetic. Its smooth, rounded edges enhance grip and feel, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold.

Durable Roll Cage
Streamlined Design

The iPlay 60 mini Pro's roll cage design ensures stability. With centered body and ports, it offers convenience in a compact form.

Immersive 8.4-inch IPS Display
Stunning Visuals

Experience captivating visuals with the iPlay 60 mini Pro's 8.4-inch In-cell IPS screen. With 1200 x 1920 resolution and 270 PPI, enjoy lifelike colors and intricate details. Ultra-thin bezels create an 85% screen-to-body ratio, maximizing your view. Whether streaming, browsing photos, or gaming, every detail comes to life with unparalleled clarity and vibrancy.

Widevine L1 for Netflix HD

Stream your favorite Netflix content in stunning HD quality with Widevine L1 support. Enjoy your movies and TV shows the way they were meant to be seen—sharp, detailed, and uninterrupted.

Alldocube OS 3.0 on Android 14
Intuitive interaction
Enhanced user experience

Seamlessly navigate the latest features and enhancements with Alldocube OS 3.0, based on Android 14. Enjoy a refined and intuitive user experience that keeps you productive and entertained.

Efficient Multitasking

Enjoy split-screen multitasking

Efficient Multitasking

Master multitasking with intuitive gestures

Smooth Navigation

Redesigned control center

for easy access to common functions

Access handy floating windows

with the all-new intelligent sidebar

Revamped Interface

Organized desktop

for enhanced efficiency

Streamlined status bar layout

ensuring each feature has its place

Get ready for gaming

With our gyroscope and its powerful haptic motor, your gaming experience will be like never before. Connect it to a controller and your device becomes a portable gaming console. Play classics, emulators, and top games with amazing realism. It's gaming like you've never seen!

Gyro sensor

External Controllers
Transform Instantly
into a Gaming Console

The iPlay 60 Mini Pro offers exceptional portability and powerful chip performance, inspiring numerous accessory manufacturers to craft a variety of peripherals for it. Just connect an External Controller swiftly via Bluetooth 5.0 or USB-C, and your iPlay 60 Mini Pro immediately evolves into a gaming console. Its lightweight design ensures prolonged play without fatigue, plunging you into a gaming adventure.

Native Android Games/Game Streaming/Emulations

*Controllers are sold separately.

Immersive Dual Stereo Speakers

Elevate your audio experience with dual stereo speakers. Enjoy immersive sound whether you're watching a movie, listening to music, or making a video call. The iPlay 60 mini Pro delivers audio clarity and depth like never before.

Endless Entertainment with 6050mAh Power

Stay connected and entertained all day with the iPlay 60 mini Pro's long-lasting 6050mAh battery. Enjoy uninterrupted usage on the go, whether browsing, gaming, or streaming. Plus, with 18W PD fast charge support, recharging is quick and convenient.

Double tap to wake and sleep

Simply double-tap the screen to wake your tablet from standby mode or to turn it off instantly. It's quick, convenient, saves battery, and extends your device's life. Say goodbye to button hassles!

Facial Recognition
Unlock for Effortless Access

With facial recognition, unlocking your tablet becomes as easy as a glance, elevating your user experience. Bid farewell to passwords and welcome seamless security and convenience.

Enhanced On-the-Go Connectivity

Stay connected wherever you are with the iPlay 60 mini Pro's dual 4G LTE and VoLTE support. Enjoy crystal-clear calls and a stable internet connection for uninterrupted web browsing, smooth video streaming, and quick file downloads. With enhanced connectivity features, this tablet ensures you stay productive and entertained no matter where life takes you.

Seamless Connectivity Enhanced Mobility

Benefit from robust wireless capabilities with the iPlay 60 mini Pro. Enjoy fast and reliable connectivity for smooth browsing, streaming, and downloading with dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Effortlessly navigate your surroundings with built-in GPS capability, allowing you to explore with confidence. Plus, with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, seamlessly connect to accessories and transfer files wirelessly, enhancing the convenience and versatility of your tablet experience.

MediaTek G99
Exceptional Speed & Efficiency

Experience lightning-fast speed and responsiveness with the MediaTek G99 processor, powered by cutting-edge 6nm chip technology. With an impressive Antutu score of 400,000, enjoy seamless gaming, streaming, and multitasking like never before. Benefit from optimized performance and extended battery life, making every interaction extraordinary.

16GB* RAM + 128GB ROM

Embrace limitless possibilities and store everything you need with the iPlay 60 mini Pro, storage concerns become a thing of the past. Boasting 16GB of RAM (8GB LPDDR4X + up to 8GB of virtual) and 128GB of ROM, expandable up to an incredible 512GB via microSD card, you'll have ample space for all your needs. Whether it's apps, photos, or videos, rest assured you'll never run out of storage.

*up to 8GB+8GB Extended RAM

128GB ROM Estimates

Actual capacity may vary due to system files and other data.


25,600-42,666 3-5MB/song


85-182 SD or 32-85 HD 700MB-4GB/hour


Approximately 2,560 avg. 50MB each

Clear Shots with Two Cameras

Stay connected with crystal-clear video calls using the 5MP front camera. Let the 13MP auto-focus lens capture every detail, ensuring each shot is sharp and clear. Whether you're capturing moments or engaging in video calls, the tablet delivers impressive clarity for all your needs.

Enhanced Sensor Technology for Improved Experience

The iPlay 60 Mini Pro includes practical sensors like the ambient light sensor in addition to the standard gravity sensor. This facilitates automatic screen brightness adjustment, providing a more convenient and user-friendly experience.

Optional Accessories
Folio Case, Bluetooth Keyboard

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