Intuitive interaction enhanced user experience

First batch of models to be equipped iPlay 60 Pad Pro

PC Mode Enhanced Productivity

A brand-new desktop operating system with a hint of nostalgia

Experience the familiarity of a Windows-style desktop interface with our new PC-grade operating system. Optimized interface design and layout make operating on large screens more comfortable and convenient. Whether multitasking, browsing the web, or using various applications, users can enjoy a smooth and efficientoperating experience.

Instantly Transform into a computer with the keyboard

With just a touch, office productivity is at your fingertips. Connect the keyboard to enter PC mode instantly. Transform your tablet into a PC anytime, anywhere, and indulge in boundless office productivity joy.

Intuitive taskbar layout for humanized experience

Easily switch between frequently used and recently opened applications with a glance.

Multi-functional desktop

Customize your desktop effortlessly with the ability to create new documents, folders, and personalize wallpapers, making your operating system stand out from the crowd.

Multi-window multitasking, apps at your command

Experience a minimalist desktop where multiple windows can be displayed simultaneously, each running independently without interference. Easily switch between them for convenient multitasking.

The industry's first

All applications adapt to horizontal screens, providing a PC-level experience.

One-touch access

Effortlessly browse all applications, simple operation, quickly find the application you need.

Brand new notification layout

Brand new notification layout, carefully designed for clear information at a glance,enabling you to receive important updates promptly and operate more conveniently!

Smart Touch Keyboard

Effortless access to common tasks

With 14 new dedicated shortcut keys on the keyboard, you can easily reach various functions with just one press. Whether it's splitting screens, going fullscreen, taking screenshots, or other commonly used tasks, efficiency is at your fingertips.

Expansive touchpad

Experience an array of touchpad gestures that elevate your tablet to a full-fledged computing device.Navigate with ease—tap for clicks, swipe with two fingers to browse, and effortlessly switch between applications with three-finger horizontal gestures.

Super practical keyboard shortcuts

Tailored for tablet systems

Seamless Cross-Platform Integration

One copy, multiple pastes

Cross-device clipboard Seamless linkage across phone, computer, and tablet—cross-platform, cross-device circulation.Breaking through system barriers with WeChat Input Method,enabling precise copy-paste across devices and platforms! Tablets break boundaries for the first time, allowing text, images, and other content to flow freely between different devices and platforms.

Cross-device transmission: Eco-system connectivity

Utilizing built-in file flash transfer functionality, achieve seamless cross-device, cross-platform large file transfers, and cross-device screen casting, enabling effortless connectivity across multiple devices.

Completely Revamped Customized Tablet System

Freeform split-screen: Multi-task with ease

Simply swipe down with two fingers to quickly activate split-screen mode, allowing you to study and take notes simultaneously, enhancing multitasking efficiency.

Three-finger screenshots:Capture moments effortlessly!

Say goodbye to cumbersome operations—simply swipe down with three fingers to quickly capture screenshots and preserve every precious moment.

Floating Ball: Agile control!

Experience a new way to navigate with the floating ball—accessible with a single touch,anytime, anywhere, for doubled productivity.

Ultimate tablet interface experience Adapted applications for landscape mode

Our new tablet custom system isn't just about stretching the vertical screen interface.It intelligently adapts to landscape mode, maximizing display efficiency for all apps, providing a browsing experience that surpasses previous standards.

Double-tap to wake

Double-tap to wake is a simple yet practical feature. With your tablet screen off,quickly double-tap the screen to wake it up without the need for physical buttons. This intuitive interaction makes your tablet even more convenient to use.

Smart double-tap screen off: worry-free and power-saving

Simply double-tap the screen lightly to instantly turn it off,eliminating the hassle of pressing buttons. Not only is it convenient and quick, but it also effectively saves power, extending battery life.

Parallel windows: Two worlds, seamless switching

Parallel windows allow simultaneous display of two windows within the same application, enabling users to multitask within one app, greatly enhancing the efficiency of Android tablets, doubling productivity.Combined with global adaptive full-screen technology, tablet interaction is seamless and empowered.

Newly built intelligent sidebar

Access quick operations without leaving the current screen, enhancing convenience.

Smart Charging: Automatic Power-On

With smart charging, your device wakes up instantly at 3%, bidding farewell to the frustration of waiting! Quick, convenient, and fully charged, it's always ready for an immersive experience!

Face Recognition: Instant Unlock

With millisecond-level response,unlock your device with just a glance—secure and convenient. Your face is your exclusive passkey.

Quick APK Installation

Applications received via messengers, etc., can be installed directly without changing the file extension.

Magic gesture

One, Two, Three, Four, Five: Witness the Magic of Five Fingers

One-finger swipe up Split-screen/Mini window quick switch.

Two-finger swipe down

Activate efficient split-screen.

Three-finger swipe down

Quick screenshot.

Four-finger pinch

Switch mini windows.

Five-finger pinch

Return to desktop.

Built-in Multi-Apps Enhancing Tablet Experience

AI Chatbot

Unleash creativity with the powerful AI tools. It can write copies, read documents,answer questions, and interact with users to efficiently obtain information and inspiration.

Smart Living Efficient and Convenient

Document Scanning: One-click PDF generation, removes moire patterns for clean scans.

Text Extraction: Quickly extract text, translate, export to Word or PDF.

ID Card Scanning: Produce A4 scans with one-click brightening.

Table Recognition: Automatically generate Excel sheets from scans.

Test Paper Erasure: Remove handwriting, restore with one click.

AI Drawing: Transform into a two-dimensional character.

Arithmetic Correction: Correct math problems with image recognition.

Photo Translation: Translate text from photos effortlessly.

Photo Restoration: Restore old photos in high-definition.

Edge: PC-Level Browser

Utilize PC mode to effortlessly bring PC-level interface to your tablet, ensuring a seamless browsing experience akin to that of a computer.

WPS Office: Your Productivity Partner

Equipped with the latest WPS version, powerful AI features, and an array of templates,WPS Office optimizes your workflow, allowing for efficient creation, editing, and sharing of documents.

WPS Notes: Quick Text Recording, Multi-Device Sync

Effortlessly capture ideas on-the-go with WPS Notes, ensuring seamless synchronization across multiple devices to prevent any loss of inspiration.

Intuitive interaction, enhanced user experience

System Optimization: Simplifying Complexity

To enhance tablet performance, we've streamlined operations and improved software-hardware integration for smoother device usage.

New Desktop: Organized and Tidy

Revamped desktop with intuitive gestures for easy access to functions.

Redesigned Control Center: Convenient Access

Centralized commonly used functions for quick and easy access.

New Notification System: Clear Display

Redesigned interface for intuitive presentation of important information.

New Boot Guide: Ready to Use

Quick setup guide ensures swift device setup upon powering on.

New Settings Page: Simple and Refreshing

Simplified settings interface for easy navigation and customization.

Streamlined Status Bar Layout: Clear Display

Redesigned icons and clear display for easy navigation.

Smart Multi-Window: Enhanced Efficiency

Multiple shortcuts for seamless multi-window multitasking.

Theme Switching: Personalized Experience

Quickly switch between themes for a personalized look and feel.

New Dock Layout: All-in-One Navigation

Revamped dock bar for easy access to recent applications.

Unconventional Folder Layout: Flexible and Intuitive

Freely resize and orient folders for easy organization.

Custom Desktop Layout: Personalized Creativity

Arrange icons and widgets to create a personalized desktop.