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[Suggestion] Widevine L1 Certification for iPlay 40
2021-01-14 11:45:44
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I’m a new fan of Alldocube, recently purchased an iPlay 40. Also encouraged a lot of people to buy it. Amazing hardware in terms of specs and quality.

Only issue I have with it is the inability to play HD Netflix and Prime videos. This is apparently due to its Widevine L3 certification.

I understand Widevine L1 certification to be a free application, and merely requires some man-hours to be put in.

Why not make it a minor project for one of your staff members? He could get it out of the way in just a few days.

Given that Alldocube is now expanding globally (and particularly sharply with the iPlay 40), it would be great if Alldocube could apply for Widevine L1 certification for the iPlay 40 as it would increase international competitiveness of the tablet as well as reward your existing fans.

Looking forward to a favourable reply.

2021-01-20 21:39:35

As I’m also getting familiar with iPlay 40, had even ordered one. So, Dear Alldocube, I’d also highly appreciate that Widevine L1 certification, so let me kindly ask you to consider making this tablet an even better choice by providing possibility to play Netflix HD.

Many thanks.

2021-01-21 00:25:58

I really like the iPlay 40. The device specs is impressive for the price. The only issue I have with this device is I’m unable to watch HD videos on Netflix. Hopefully the people from iPlay and Alldocube would here us out and provide an update so that we can get the iPlay40 Widevine L1 certified.

2021-01-21 18:26:53

Chipping-in to make the case stronger. I would love to have HD videos as well. If Widevine L1 certification is sufficient, please get it accredited!


2021-01-29 19:04:59

Hello Alldocube, I would also like to know if you’re planning to support widevine L1. Please let us know.




2021-02-23 05:23:52

Alldocube please do it. We all really need it.

Widevine L1!



2021-02-28 00:13:58

Is bad to play YouTube in hd but Netflix in fhd!! So if any workaround please share.



2021-03-04 04:11:57

Quote #7F by @Glamor:

Is bad to play YouTube in hd but Netflix in fhd!! So if any workaround please share. thanks  

Hi there. I am interested in this device but have a question for the forum. I’m pretty sure widewine L1 is embedded in google chrome. In theory you should be able to goto prime and Netflix and login through the chrome browser and see in HD. Well it’s not ideal ,this could work. Let me know if this works I am interested in purchasing one of these thank you.

2021-03-26 18:38:23

Quando avremo le widevine l1?…….

2021-03-26 18:41:08

When Widevine L1?…….

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