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2021-03-28 07:19:42

Quote #8F by @RichHurley24:

Hi there. I am interested in this device but have a question for the forum. I’m pretty sure widewine L1 is embedded in google chrome. In theory you should be able to goto prime and Netflix and login through the…

Chrome netflix directs you to the app in mobile and tablets.

2021-03-28 07:31:08

Yo should do it for the alldocube x neo too.

2021-03-30 00:48:36

I’ll add my request to this thread as well.

Does anyone from ALLDOCUBE even read these forums? I haven’t found a single post OR response by an Alldocube representative or employee.  Hmmm.

Alldocube – Please inform your customers when we can expect a Widevine Level 1 cert. The process will take a developer less than 1 hour to complete. Please get the iPlay 40 Widevine Level 1 certified!



2021-03-30 14:59:18

update with widevine l1 and gesture nowwwwwww!!!!

2021-05-01 05:09:19

ALLDOCUBE support please respond to this thread!

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)
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