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iplay 40 pro charging board spare
2022-12-14 01:32:46
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My son managed to kill the USB C connector.

I replaced it once. But its broken again.

The easiest solution would be to change the complete charging board.

But I do not find a shop where to buy it.


Anyone an idea ?


Best Regards

2022-12-14 08:45:33

You could try AliExpress, but failing that there’s no chance. No manufacturer supplies replacement circuit board parts for their Tablets.

2022-12-17 06:10:12

I tried Ali. But i didnt found any spares.

And its completely wrong that non manufacturer supplies replacements for tablets.

I already changed many parts including charging boards on diffrend divices.

But it seems alldocube does not provide any spares.

If I would have known this I wouldnt have purchased an alldocube.

The divice is great as long as it works.

Do you have a problem, and an USB connector is a very common problem in any devices, you have trash,

I will not recommend to buy any alldocube products.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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