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iWork 20 Pro Audio doesnt work
2022-12-11 21:33:36
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I got an i Work 20 Pro and installed windows 11 on it. Sice the Update my Audio doesnt work, no Driver, no Soundcard, nothing.

Can i download the original Driver somewhere?

2022-12-12 09:32:25


inf format driver,backuped up by dism command,you can use dism command or tools like dism++ to restore it.
Or Enter the windows system device manager and right-click on the device in question to browse to the unzipped folder path to install the driver

2022-12-12 09:43:56

Forget Windows 11 and roll back to 10. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get a driver that recognises it.

2022-12-14 03:06:17

i cannot understand how a seriuos computer producer believes that their users trust something they cannot read. (specifically considering the chinese attitude about privacy)  – useless, that mr win2tabless tells us in broken english, that  we can use a “dsim” command (what IS THAT??),when the result is flashing an (incomprehensible) chinese windows 10 home os, where it is NOT EVEN possible to create a new user, which needs separate activation and does not have a password. I’m very sorry, alldocube support team: this is absolutely TOTAL crap.

(A tablet can be stolen VERY easily, how about protecting our data with win 10 or win11 HOME-with ONE account named “adminstrator”and NO password??) The flashing of the whole win os is NOT a good idea, as we (the users wo need to recover the machine)have no idea how that system was compiled and what its contents are. Why don’t we get a list of drivers we can download and add to the system we want to use in the common way  quality computer producers offer?

I will have to write a review where this fact will be underlined. It is an absolute NOGO to make believe this is a serious computer/tablet – even it looks and feels nice

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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