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2022-04-08 20:39:49
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Who is the god damn genius who decided that the best place or the fucking power button key is clearly right next to the mother fucking backspace key? The next time I’m in a HURRY  TYPING SOME SHIT AND I HIT THAT MOTHER FUCKER I’M COMING RIGHT FOR YOU DUDE.  Who gave him that job? Did he attend MIT or a noted similar school? Perhaps just picked him up at a bus stop and asked him point blank and then gave him a fat check. USE YOUR SHIT BEFORE YOU SELL IT., fuck my life, and especially fuck that guy’s life,. god damn idiocrasy bullshithavingmakeonestupidthingonanotherwiusegreatlaptopsostupidthatiwanttoreturnitorthrowthefuckingthinginatrashdisposal. fuck you guy, also, missing a fucking ctrl key on the right side dumb ass. and i should have to use a function key to fucking page up or down? and all keyboards should be backlit it’s not a motherfucking typewriter. I have one. I’d almost rather use that, at least that keyboard makes god damn sense. fuck you clowns thanks for a great little laptop with some flaws that drive up a god damn wall. do better. that ‘s why you’re making a whole different tax bracket than I am while I shop for the shit that makes you rich.  fuck you.

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