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Accidentally flashed a wrong firmware
2021-12-18 19:59:19
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By my fault I flashed firmware for iPlay40H(T1020H) instead of correct  iPlay40(T1020S). Now when I try to flash the correct  version iPlay40(T1020S) a program for flashing  reports error


BKF_NV_LTE    Failed: [UB1132] Operation failed

Anyone can help? Thanks



2021-12-19 00:39:20

Same problem as mine. See thread “iPlay 40 Reboot loop”… You can uncheck that module in the settings, then flash the T1020S firmware you like. Try that and let me know if you also experience the 1,5min reboot issue.

2021-12-20 16:15:25

Thanks for your reply.
I know about that solution but I was warned about NOT saving IMEI, so I did not try that solution.

Do you have IMEI in your tablet now?

2021-12-23 18:38:05

Hmm, no…

So, understanding this, I found a thread on restoring IMEI on iplay 20 in https://www.alldocube.com/en/forums/topic/imei-repair-for-alldocube-iplay-20/ . That took me to a tool WriteIMEI, which I installed, together with the recommended Spreadtrum drivers. However, the tool does not behave like shown in the guides and videos, and I was not able to enter anything for an IMEI and doing any following steps with it.

Any ideas or pointers on how to continue from here?

2021-12-23 19:17:19

I used iPlay40(T1020S)-EN-20210526 and it does not restart, IMEI is also present.

Try first flash iPlay40H(T1020H)-EN-20210911 and then iPlay40(T1020S)-EN-20210526. The same versions like me. That works for me


2021-12-23 19:42:38

Both of them I can only flash w/o NV_LTE selected as that always fails. Still leads to reboot after 1,5min, also in flight mode 🙁

2022-01-07 18:39:13

RedNas74 posted the solution to this in https://www.alldocube.com/en/forums/topic/5365/

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