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Root for Alldocube M5X Pro
2020-09-10 22:42:31
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I have 2 Alldocube M5X Pro tablets

Model T1006

Kernel version 3.18.60

Android version 8.0.0

Build T1006_V1.01_20200504

One of the two I was able to successfully root. The other however won’t let me flash a new boot.img

The process I’m using is this

I have enabled developper options in Android and turned on USB debugging.

I have enabled OEM Unlock to allow the bootloader to be unlocked

I have used ADB to reboot to the bootloader

I have ran the command fastboot oem unlock

(bootloader) Start unlock flow
OKAY [ 7.825s]
finished. total time: 7.826s

I have ran the command fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img where magisk_patched.img is the new boot image I want to flash. This is the result:

C:\adb>fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img
target reported max download size of 134217728 bytes
sending ‘boot’ (10253 KB)…
OKAY [ 0.468s]
writing ‘boot’…
FAILED (remote: flash write failure)
finished. total time: 0.633s

I am able to flash the ROM through the SP Flash tool for Mediatek devices. But even after flashing a different build, I still get stuck on the remote: flash write failure error.

Can anyone offer any advice on how I could obtain root access on this tablet?

Thank you


2020-09-14 09:46:16

I was able to solve this problem by flashing the modified boot.img using the SP Flash tool instead of via fastboot.

After flashing the boot image, the device was wiped and started the Android setup. I was then able to install Magisk Manager and download the zip file, the device rebooted and came back with root access.

In case anyone else is trying to solve this problem, in short, you need the Mediatek VCOM drivers, the Android USB drivers, the SP Flash tool, the stock ROM and the Magisk Manager apk for your tablet. Make sure to backup your data before you start because the device will get wiped.

Extract the boot image from the stock ROM (file is called boot-verified.img)

Install Magisk Manager on the tablet and use it to patch the img file

Connect your tablet to your computer via USB cable

Copy the magisk_patched.img file to your PC

Start SP Flash tool and load the scatter file from the stock ROM

Unselect all the options except for the boot file, click on the path in the location column and select the magisk_patched.img file

Set it to Download Only and click the download button

Shut down your tablet and power it on

This will trigger the download of the boot file. Wait for it to finish and disconnect the usb cable

Power on the tablet

Complete the Android setup wizard

Install the Magisk Manager apk again. It should prompt you that files are missing and ask to download. Accept. This will trigger the tablet to reboot

After boot you can open Magisk Manager again. In the top left of the screen, if you click the 3 horizontal stripes, you’ll find the Super User interface



2020-10-09 00:35:45


Magisk manager don’t ask for install magisk or patch the boot.img

I’m on the build T1006_V1.01_20200504

can you send me the boot-patched.img


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