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X GAME Charging issue, wifi and rebooting issue
2022-11-09 14:27:50
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Is there any fix for the slow charging ? i had left the tablet overnight to charge. From 20% percent in the night, it reached only around 58% in the morning. I am using the charger provided with the tablet.

I also had an issue when playing mobile legends. that is the first thing i installed. When i had joined the wifi network on dhcp it did not work. On static ip addressing it worked. Strange. Not sure if it is related to my network but anyways just asking if anyone else faced the same issue.


While playing the game suddenly it would reboot. After the reboot, the keyboard disappeared.

When the keyboard disappeared it rebooted around 7 times randomly, instead of android telling me something is wrong.

So I had to uninstall the last updates G-board took and then updated it again. Then it got back.


I hope there are some fixes for this !


2022-11-29 16:10:49

You can try to replace the charger and data cable for charging.
You can use 5V=3A output charger, and 9V=2A charger with mtk pe protocol

2022-12-18 16:16:04

After the last android update, using the same charger, now it says “charging”. And it takes a little better amount of time to charge but still slow. But randomly apps keep crashing. Someone online said the fix was install a different launcher like nova launcher, but after keeping it aside 4 hours, then trying to unlock the screen it is blank. Cannot see anything on the screen. 2 options: close app, app info. Try to press both nothing happens. There is either something seriously wrong with the tablet’s ROM!. Sometimes it disconnects the wifi automatically even though it is saved. I am not using a sim card. Just using it on wifi.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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