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iwork20 pro Win 11 Key??
2022-03-24 09:33:36
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Is the product key embedded on board or does it have to be obtained somewhere? I just wanted to know in I ever have to reinstalled in the future.


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2022-03-25 23:28:06

I think the best way is to sign in using your Microsoft account on this device. Then this Windows license will be automatically linked to your MS account (you can see the devices linked to your account at https://account.microsoft.com/devices).

Then if you reinstall the OS on the same device, just login using the same MS account and the windows will activate automatically showing you a message like “windows is activated using a digital license linked to your account”.

In some cases you do not even have to do what I said above and the windows will activate automatically on then same device. But just in case.

2022-03-25 23:30:23

I have posted a query here a while ago and seems like you have the same device as me. Can you please do the following? I reinstalled OS and now am unable to find touch screen driver.

Can you please make a backup of your drivers using the following command and then share the link here?

1-create folder “drivers-backup” in the c drive.

2-run cmd as admin. write the following command.

dism /online /export-driver /destination:C:\drivers-backup

3- after the command has executed successfully, zip the folder “drivers-backup” from c drive and share the link using google drive or anything.


2022-03-26 09:17:23

Is this not the firmware you need? Yes its windows 10 but should be all the drivers.

Alldocube iWork20Pro(i1025) firmware download

PS, not the what the heck is up with the script line after my messages.

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2022-03-26 13:50:50

Yes this is the complete image. I only needed drivers.

Thank anyway. Got the download link from support team.

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