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Problem with charging socket on alldocube m5xs tablet
2020-10-15 22:37:24
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This is the first time I am writing in the forum and I would like your help.

I am from Greece and on 12-19-2019 I bought from here https://www.banggood.com/Original-Box-Alldocube-M5XS-32GB-MT6797X-Helio-X27-Deca-Core-10_1-Inch-Android-8_0 -Tablet-p-1407271.html? Utm_design = 41 & utm_source = emarsys & utm_medium = Neworder171109 & utm_campaign = trigger-order & utm_content = winna & sc_src = email_2675773 & sc_eh = 5265f953777e2id381 & sc_h_5 & j

this particular alldocube m5xs tablet. He then had problems charging and the charging socket was to blame. We turned to a specialist but he could not fix it, because he could not find the specific spare part, ie the charging socket. We would like you to tell us which charging socket fits this tablet and send us the address from a site (eg ebay, aliexpress) to order. Thank you in advance

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