Official Price: $209

Embrace Brilliance, Seize Life's Moments

11-inch FHD display | Widevine L1 (Netflix) | Triple Rear Camera Setup | 4096 Levels of Precision


High-Quality Display

11-inch IPS In-cell display with a resolution of 1200×2000

Versatile Camera Setup

16MP main + Macro and Wide-angle lenses

Long Battery Life

3.8V/7000mAh polymer battery

Enhanced Audio

Quad speakers/ Smart PA

Connectivity Options

Dual-band Wi-Fi/BT5.0/GPS

Advanced Stylus

4096 Levels of Precision

Ample Storage

12GB RAM(8GB virtual) +128GB ROM

Android 13

Optimized OS

Widevine L1

for HD Streaming

Experience High-Quality IPS Display

The Alldocube iPlay 60 boasts a high-quality 11in//27.8cm IPS In-cell display with an impressive 1200x2000 FHD resolution. This display guarantees an exceptional visual experience for activities like movie-watching, browsing, and gaming.

In-cell display

Your Ultimate Entertainment Companion

The iPlay 60 is an ideal tablet for entertainment enthusiasts as it supports Widevine L1, allowing users to stream high-definition content from popular platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus. With Widevine L1 certification, the tablet can play DRM-protected content in Full HD 1080P resolution without compromising video quality.

Immersive Multimedia Experience

The Alldocube iPlay 60 features quad stereo speakers with Smart PA technology, guaranteeing an immersive audio experience, ideal for enjoying movies, TV series, and gaming.

Immersive audio experience

Ideal for enjoying movies, TV series, and gaming

Discover the Art of Photography

Unleash your creativity and elevate your visual storytelling with our meticulously crafted camera system. Seamlessly connect with the world through crystal-clear video calls using the 5MP front camera, capturing every nuance of expression.

But the real magic happens with the rear camera setup—a symphony of lenses designed to empower your photography journey. Dive into the world of macro photography with the dedicated lens, bringing the smallest details to life. Expand your horizons with the wide-angle lens, capturing sweeping landscapes with ease. Let the 16MP auto-focus lens be your eye for detail, ensuring each shot is a masterpiece.

Whether you're a passionate photographer, content creator, or student seeking versatility, the Alldocube iPlay 60 opens new horizons. From documenting your daily adventures to digitizing notes with unparalleled clarity, this tablet is your creative companion. Every shot becomes a work of art, and every video call a vivid experience.

16MP rear main lens

Delivering impressive clarity and sharpness

5MP front camera

Ensuring your video calls are of the utmost quality

4096 Levels of Precision
Elevate Your Experience with Our Advanced Stylus

Elevate your Alldocube iPlay 60 tablet experience with our advanced stylus. Boasting 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, it ensures ultra-responsive and precise writing, making note-taking and creative tasks a breeze. With a super-low latency and support for pen tilt, this stylus offers a comfortable, palm-resting design for extended use.

Enjoy a pencil-like writing feel during online classes and note-taking, backed by an impressive 120-hour battery life. The easily replaceable tips ensure durability and a worry-free experience. Make the most of your tablet with the perfect blend of innovation and convenience.

Ultra-responsive and precise writing

4096 levels of pressure sensitivity

Pencil-like writing feel

Perfect for online classes and note-taking

Comfortable design

Ergonomic writing experience

Powerful Octa-Core Processing

The Alldocube iPlay 60 is powered by the robust T606 Octa-core Processor, consisting of two Cortex A75 cores clocked at 1.6GHz and six Cortex A55 cores also running at 1.6GHz. With 12nm process technology, this CPU is optimized for high performance and energy efficiency.Complementing this processor is the Arm Mali G57 GPU, providing excellent graphics performance. Together, these components deliver seamless multitasking, swift app launches, and efficient power management for an enhanced user experience.

2xA75 6xA55
Arm Mali G57

Ample Storage Options

Never worry about running out of space with the iPlay 60's ample storage options. It comes with 12GB of RAM (4GB + up to 8GB of virtual) and 128GB of ROM, expandable up to a whopping 1TB via the microSD card slot. You'll have plenty of room for apps, photos, and videos.

12GB RAM(8GB virtual)
Up to 1TB

All-Day Battery Life

The iPlay 60 is powered by a high-capacity 3.8V/7000mAh polymer battery, ensuring uninterrupted use throughout the day. Additionally, this battery supports 18W PD (PPS protocol) fast charging for quick and convenient recharging.

18W PD

Android 13 OS

Experience the Android 13 operating system, offering enhanced privacy controls, improved customization, and a host of new features to enhance your digital life.

Divide your screen

Multiply your productivity

Android 13

Convenient, secure,and customizable OS

Dual 4G LTE
Dual SIM Dual Standby

Stay connected on the go with the tablet's dual 4G LTE and VoLTE support, providing crystal-clear calls and a stable internet connection. Whether you're browsing the web, streaming videos, or downloading files, the iPlay 60 guarantees a seamless and speedy experience. Effortlessly manage both personal and professional contacts with the convenience of dual SIM dual standby capability.

Robust Wireless Capability

The Alldocube iPlay 60 is equipped with dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, providing fast and reliable wireless connectivity whether you're indoors or outdoors. The built-in GPS capability allows you to easily navigate and explore your surroundings. Additionally, Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables seamless connections with accessories and wireless file transfers, adding convenience and versatility to your tablet experience.

Dual-band 802.11ac
Bluetooth 5.0

Precision Navigation

With GPS, Beidou, GLONASS

Swift Connectivity

With Dual-band Wi-Fi

Efficient File Transfers

With Bluetooth 5.0

Sophisticated Design for Maximum Portability

The Alldocube iPlay 60 stands out with its slim profile, measuring only 7.95mm in thickness. This makes it noticeably thinner than its predecessor, the iPlay 50, which had a thickness of 8.2mm. The slimmer design not only enhances its aesthetics but also adds to its portability and comfort during everyday use.


Slim flat-edged metal design

Feels great in your hands and looks elegant

Compact and lightweight

Convenient for on-the-go use

Hall sensor and Versatile USB Interface

The Alldocube iPlay 60 includes a convenient Magnetic Accessory Detection feature. When you attach accessories like a keyboard or case with magnets, the tablet instantly recognizes them. Opening the case wakes up the tablet, and closing it puts the tablet to sleep, saving battery.

The tablet's USB interface handles charging, data transfer, and OTG functionality effortlessly. It also doubles as a Type-C Analog Headphone jack, making it a versatile hub for all your needs.

Optional accessories are available

including magnetic rings, protective covers, detachable keyboards, and a stylus, catering to a wide range of scenarios.

Protective case / Magnetic Ring

The optional colorfull magnetic cover offers various angle support, allowing for horizontal browsing or vertical TikTok scrolling - all at your fingertips! You can also remove the cover and easily attach the smart magnetic ring - it even works on walls! Welcome to the world of a smarter home life.

Adjustable Viewing

Horizontal or Any Angle

Scroll Vertically


With magnetic ring easily

Stick your device to surfaces

Wireless Keyboard

Transform your tablet into a laptop with this ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard, offering long battery life for extended usage and compatibility with multiple operating systems. With shortcut keys and scissor foot key design, it provides comfortable typing experience.

Elevate Your Tablet Experience

Streamlining Tasks and Boosting Productivity

Compact Keyboard

Experience on-the-go convenience

Enjoy Comfortable Typing

Responsive and Spaced for Accuracy

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