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Alldocube讨厌他们的客户。Alldocube hates their customers.
2019-12-17 20:30:03
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They have 9 Windows 10 products.

Only one receives an updated driver download.


You would think buying a “premium” product like Thinker will get a better support from them. So when you have a well-known issue – like ghost-touch on the touchscreen – that’s reported everywhere outside of this forum – you cannot expect them to help you with it. The best that we can hope for are forum members here who will help us, willingly.

I mean if alldocube REFUSES to tell us how to get screen replacements, let alone provide the parts number for it, we have to resort to better forum members (outside of this “official” forum) to open theirs up and find the answer by themselves.

I’ve yet to see one forum thread that has an official alldocube support member replying, and I’m not waiting for one to find out. This is a huge difference when their other competitors like Onda and iview and JOI and Teclast do more than reply.

I’ve got two cube/alldocube devices, will never ever get a third. Vote with your wallet.

2019-12-21 22:03:25

First of all, thank you for your support of ALLDOCUBE products.
Due to the many and confusing product models, it is very difficult to organize and upload the firmware. Considering this, we have changed the download of a single product firmware into a search download. Soon we will continue to complete the previous product firmware, so stay tuned.
Sorry for your download trouble.

2019-12-22 22:12:38



Your devices are at least a year old. Few years for some models. My Thinker i35 model was released in April 2017. TWO YEARS AND EIGHT MONTHS AGO.


If a non-manufacturer site can manually compile AND update the firmware and drivers for my device for YEARS, then that is not an excuse. Unless you’re trying to cover up the fact that you WILL NOT SUPPORT your devices.


Just for Thinker i35 alone, we have reports for more than 2 years of defects:

  • double key when pressing keyboard
  • ghost touch with the touchscreen occasionally
  • some drivers and/or hardware doesn’t work 100% with the updated Windows 10 versions.
  • device is VERY HOT when running, and YOU HAVE TO OPEN AND MODIFY THE INTERNAL HARDWARE AND VOID THE WARRANTY if you want a working system, and even after you do that, device body is VERY WARM (50-60C) during load.

I had to advice other users to NOT update windows 10 if you want to reduce the ghost touch issue, and 3rd party software to remove the risk of double-keystroke.


If you, THE MANUFACTURER, thinks that producing product models are CONFUSING, then that means you are not confident enough with your own products. Thanks for clarifying that for everybody to read and judge for themselves.

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