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2019-06-05 06:12:54
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Hi Alldocubers , 

This is my first post in this community so i must say ” Nice to meet you all ” 😀

Recently i won in a contest of GearBest and  they sent me my prize which was an Alldocube X1 (T801)

Well ,i  then received it and noticed that it had Android 7.1.1 and that it WAS NOT Google Play Protect certified 😯 

So , after that i contacted Alldocube via Messenger as well as GearBest and both told me that there is no promblem for the tablet not being Google Play Protect certified .They actually told me that they cant make the notification ”Not certified ” go away and that if i can still use the GApps properly the there will be no further trouble with the lack of Google Play certification .


After all these , i searched in Alldocube’s site (Home>Support>System Update>X1)

and find out that i can preform a system update for my specific model of tablet with SP Flash Tool as shown on this link :


So , i am thinking of performing this system update through the above link but i have some questions and fears for this process so i need your help and answers to the following :   

              1)  Firstly , shouldn’t i have unlock any Bootloader of the tablet before perfoming the update or not?

              2) Secondly , why should i perform the system manually ? I mean that the tablet should perform the system updates on itsown through its settings ,                            right?

              3) Thirdly , what will it really change after i perform this update on my tablet ? Where can i see the changes list ?Is  Android version(7.1.1 for                                        now) going to  change after performing the system update  ?

              4) What happens if something goes wrong during the update? What if the tablet gets bricked ?


Please answer my questions if you wish and think u can help me! Your help is really valuable to me and will determine if i will perform the above speaking system update or not to my Alldocube X1 (T801) tablet !

Thank you all so much in advance for your help and replies

Best Reagards Always 

2019-06-05 12:36:10

the reason it show  Google Play Protect  not be certified is  Google does not require that machines sold overseas must  be GMS certified until Android 8.0.

and about your 3 qusetions:

1.using mtk spflashtool to flash factory firmware do not need unlocking bootloader.

2.this factory firmware flashing need you Paying attention to the backup of the original data, because it tends to erase your machine’s data.so don’t flash system.img alone

4.MTK platform machine normal flashing  will not let the machine die completely, even if it looks like a fake dead state, try to make the machine completely power off  it will can  be re-flashed

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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