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2019-03-29 21:58:02

Quote #8F by @oliwek:

"script aborted : E3001 : package expects build fingerprint" so this is related to what I wrote above (secured android boot with PIN/fingerprint/3x3 grid) ? (I mean secured boot of the OS, not just log in in your personal session)

Nope, none of this is related to your system PIN or lock-screen pattern.  The “keys” that the error message talks about are digital signatures associated with the update images — they ensure that (1) the downloaded update image is uncorrupted and unaltered, and (2) they are “official”, i.e. created by the Alldocube company’s developers.   (For more info see the Wikipedia article on “Digital Signature”)

2019-03-29 21:58:32

Quote #10F by @David Nessl:

Yes, that photo is of the recovery.log (while booted into recovery) after a failed wireless update attempt. And yes, my Settings –> About Tablet says I am currently running Android 8.1.0 with Build number U1005_V1.0_20190116. Here's another photo of the…

please try ota update again, a new ota package has been upload to ota server

2019-03-29 22:13:16

Quote #5F by @chrrit:

i have no idea how to get this log file. if you could explain this to a medium experienced techie, i will try... just to add, the same happens if you download the update file and start a local update....

Android tablets/phones have a 2nd bootable image, called the recovery image, separate from the “system” image that you normally run.  The recovery image can be used to (a) recover (duh) if your system image becomes broken and unable to boot, and (b) to do updates to the system image because it can cause problems for a system image to try to update itself while it’s running.

One normally can boot into the recovery image in either of two ways:

Method 1: Power-off the tablet, then simultaneously hold down the power key and one of the other keys (volume-up or volume-down).  I couldn’t get either key combo to work by experimenting, tho this method is somewhat timing dependent.  It would help if Alldocube let us know the key-combo needed for for the Alldocube-X.

Method 2: While running the normal Android system, connect it to a PC via USB cable, then use the “adb” command on the PC to boot the tablet into recovery mode.  (“adb reboot recovery”)  This is what I had to use.  (To use this method, you have to install Google’s “platform tools” on your PC.  Then on your tablet you have to enable the secret developer mode and then enable USB debugging. Web search for the info.)

2019-03-29 22:35:47

Quote #12F by @win2tabless:

please try ota update again, a new ota package has been upload to ota server

Yes, that new OTA package installed completely.  Thanks!

(Settings -> About Tablet now reports Build U1005_v1.1_20190313)

2019-03-30 03:23:06


I had contact with the support and they have uploaded a new OTA package and it works now!

Great support!



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