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iPlay 20/iPlay 20 Pro

iPlay 20/iPlay 20 Pro


System Firmware


Please pay attention to back up the tablet data before flashing, beware of data loss due to errors. FAQs


Product Model : T1011S/T1011B

Release date : 2020-10-16

File size : 1.21GB

Downloads : 22,655

Update log:

The last three version firmwares for Iplay20 is:

  • firmware upgrade tool & guide download link: Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and Guide.rar
  • Download

    SP Flash Tool

    File size : 52.5MB

    Support system : Windows

    Tool for Alldocube users to update Tablet's system.


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    • Louis Lee

      2020-07-04 10:55

      I know there is an update to this firmware version, but I don’t receive any update push after flashing this firmware already 2 days after. Can anyone help me?

      • 蓝青昊

        2020-07-27 11:55


    • Louis Lee

      2020-07-04 17:47

      This update version


    • Geoff Nolan

      2020-09-03 04:58

      I have followed the tutorial and connected my iPlay20 to my windows 10 laptop. However, the connection is lost as soon as I power off the tablet, as instructed in the tutorial. Am I missing something? How can I update my firmware while the tablet is switched off?

    • Robertdano

      2020-10-16 01:44

      I have the same problem as Geoff Nolan. Connect the tablet to the PC and then disconnect and cannot update .........

    • Geoff Nolan

      2020-10-16 06:15

      It would be really helpful if Alldocube would push a firmware update over the air (OTA) by WiFi. Pleas consider this, as it would greatly help all users.

    • Robertdano

      2020-10-18 02:56

      The tablet does not have a fully functional android 10. Some language options are missing (such as Slovak language).
      WiFi 5g connection does not work either.
      Software update is not possible. Even after a great effort and despite me following the product manual I was not able to update it. The tablet stops working and gets disconnected in the middle of the update process.
      I have tried several ways to update the device and none of them were successful.

      • pavel.gregor

        2020-10-19 07:53

        Presne mám tiež taký problém ...písal som výrobcom a nič len že napíšu

    • Robertdano

      2020-10-19 11:43

      ahoj Pavel , už som to vyriešil ..ozvi sa mi na robertd@atlas.sk

      • Geoff Nolan

        2020-10-19 16:45

        Can you please share your solution. Thanks

    • Geoff Nolan

      2020-10-19 16:45

      Can you please share your solution. Thanks

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