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Enhance the T811M Tablet: Share Your Feedback and Win an iPlay 50 Mini Tablet!

By Mario Gismondi

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Mario Gismondi
Mario Gismondi
Publish Date: May 26, 2023
Last Updated: May 26, 2023

Share your opinion on the new T811M tablet and get a chance to win an Alldocube iPlay 50 mini tablet!

We value your opinion! Help us enhance our upcoming T811M tablet by sharing your thoughts and suggestions. Your feedback is invaluable in making it a device that meets your needs. By participating in this survey, you’ll also have a chance to win an iPlay 50 mini tablet! Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback on the T811M tablet. Your input will directly contribute to creating an exceptional device tailored to your preferences.
To help guide your feedback, here are some key technical specifications of the T811M tablet:

Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments section of this blog post.
Survey Questions:

  1. What changes or improvements would you suggest to enhance the T811M tablet’s performance and user experience? Please provide specific details or examples if possible.
  2. Are there any additional features or functionalities you would like to see in the T811M tablet that are not currently mentioned in the specifications? Please elaborate.
  3. Based on the listed specifications and the approximate price range of $169.99, would you consider purchasing the T811M tablet? Why or why not?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Your feedback is highly valuable to us. The winner of the iPlay 50 mini tablet will be randomly selected from the participants and notified via the provided email address. The survey will close on June 5th, 2023.

Good luck, and we appreciate your input!

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  • Michael

    I love this tablet! It’s light, but large enough to be a perfect size for two handed or one handed use.

    The only thing I would change is increase the processor and add at least one more speaker.

    That being said for my needs, this tablet is near perfect, especially for the price point!

  • Joe69

    Honestly, I confess that I am writing to this topic because I would like to receive a usable T811 mini tablet from the esteemed manufacturer Alldocube. The device I ordered from Banggood is practically unusable. It constantly crashes and shows the error message ‘Your device is corrupt..’ during boot-up. It cannot load updates, and I cannot set it to recovery mode. Then I tried reflashing it with the firmware available on the official website – I did this at least ten times. Now it’s slightly better as it was able to load the update, but it remains unstable and crashes and restarts itself at the most unexpected moments. As a result, I lose data, and I dare not set the security options either. I’m only installing regular Google Play applications, and Play Security does not indicate any application errors or incompatibilities. I haven’t touched the developer settings. It’s as if Android 13 does not match this hardware, which is supposedly excellent, but it’s entirely unreliable like this. If Alldocube wants to maintain the brand’s reputation, they should send me a new, properly flashed, and thoroughly tested device because what I received seems like a shoddily assembled shit batch of devices. If I receive a positive response, and official mail I will provide my contact information. Joe

  • tsuki


  • Joe69

    I got this unit from Banggood relative late, because they told that producer does not deliver. The unit was very unstable and cannot install newest update. In the 3.day the “Your device is corrupt, etc….” message came out, and practically has been unbootable. After a lot of angry, I found the firmware and reflashed the unit. After that, newest update has been possible to install, but the unit instability – accident restarting sometimes – remained. So, my experiences are very contradictional until now, maybe I cannot expect better reliability for this – really cheap (less then 100 USD) price, or was it not an accident, that they selled it so cheap ? 

  • Niche Gadget Collector

    I don’t mind lowering the pixels, so I want you to get rid of the protrusion of the rear camera. “The rest is an increase in battery capacity.”

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