Superior Editor of English

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Three -year college Education
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Our team is seeking a copywriter of English to work with our product, marketing, and web teams to create and modify online marketing content for our brand (ALLDOCUBE), products(tablet and laptop), and other content areas. This position will work with our product experts to verify target audience and content priorities, and then be responsible for keyword research, keyword analysis, and copy-writing for select content areas. This position should ensure his/her marketing content is readable, descriptive,persuasive and aligns with SEO best practices. Candidates should have prior experience in online marketing area, as well as a working knowledge of digital products. This role will be responsible also for the coordination of sponsored content and influences outreach and will help create detailed plans for content creation to target key customer segments including to pitch, write and edit targeted, on-brand marketing content.


  1. Native English speaker are preferred, international students with Excellent written and oral communication skills. Part-time job and online communication are acceptable.
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above, major in marketing or computer science familiar with marketing and overseas regular promotion channels.
  3. 1-2 years of experience working in a digital marketing role and ability to work under pressure. Creative, can take the initiative to put forward a variety of promotion plans, can take challenges.
  4. A good team player and comfortable with the Chinese culture