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iplay20 and youtube vanced issues
2020-10-20 06:05:56
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I'm having issues with youtube vanced and the iplay20. Many videos are locked to a low resolution without the option to change the resolution as the quality setting won't apper for them. They do however play in 1080p when playing them in youtube mobile site using chrome.

For other videos I don't have that issue and they play in 1080p and I have the quality setting available for them.

Does anyone else here have youtube vanced on this tablet with the same issue? Any idea how to resolve this?



2020-10-22 18:43:06

Hey there, I had the same issue. What seems to have fixed it for me was going back to stock Youtube. Go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> YouTube . There should be 3 vertical dots on the top right, tap on it and uninstall all updates. After that go to the google play store and stop auto updates. Tell me if that works for you.

Edit: Just read its for youtube vanced, I'm not sure how to fix it for that, but the above fix works for the normal Youtube app

2020-10-28 03:18:15

Thank you for your answer. I didn't realize that the normal YouTube app had the same issue, but going back to an older version of the app fixes the problem for both apps.

Hopefully this will be fixed with the next firmware update.

2020-11-03 04:54:13

Hello, I had the same issue.

With same video of YouTube and under same internet connection, in a Samsung Tablet I see video in best resolution (1080p) but in the iPaly20 table video is very low quality and I can't select the option to upgrade video quality.

Of course i have bought this tablet for watch YouTube video first but this basic function is not working like must work so this tablet is not good and useless.

The solution of rollback YouTube app version I think is not a solution because the issue must be resolved otherwise this tablet is only rubbish.

2020-11-03 06:56:46

I've contacted Alldocube's support regarding this issue and they're blaming youtube, even though these videos work perfectly fine on any of my other devices.

They're not even willing to acknowledge that this is an issue with their hardware or software, so I guess it will never be fixed. What a shame.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 8 total)
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