GTBook 13 Plus

GTBook 13 Plus

Peak Performance, Crystal Vision

3K display | Latest Intel CPU Gen | 12000 mAh | 16GB + 512GB

13.5-inch 3K Display

With 3:2 Aspect Ratio

Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz

Intel N95 processor, Intel® UHD Graphics


512GB solid-state drive

12,000mAh (3.8V)

PD Fast Charging

Four speakers

2-Box Architecture

Durable Metal Body

Efficient Cooling System

Immerse yourself

In stunning 3K FullView Display on the 13.5-inch screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Higher Screen Resolution

The 13.5-inch 3K screen boasts a resolution 1.6 times higher than a 2K screen, resulting in enhanced picture clarity.

3K Ultra HD

Narrow Bezel Design, Vivid & Stunning Visuals

Finer Display

Discover exceptional clarity on our 13.5-inch 3K screen, delivering a resolution that's roughly three times higher than a 1080P display. With a pixel density of 267PPI, the 13.5-inch 3K screen delivers even finer visuals.

More Suitable for Productivity

The 3:2 aspect ratio is a game-changer for productivity, making emails, web browsing, and document work a breeze, reducing unnecessary scrolling time.

The 16:9 aspect ratio's elongated shape limits the screen-to-body ratio and edge-to-edge display

In tasks like text editing and programming, the 16:9 aspect ratio is inefficient

Unveiling the New Era of 3K Laptop Displays

Powerful Performance with the latest generation of Intel CPU

The Alldocube GT Book 13 Plus comes powered by an efficient Intel Alder Lake N95 CPU, which utilizes Intel's cutting-edge 7nm process technology and boasts a 6MB L3 smart cache. This combination ensures a perfect blend of power efficiency and exceptional high-performance capabilities.

Dynamic and Efficient
Swift Multitasking for Office Tasks

According to benchmark tests, the N95 offers 20% improvement in overall performance compared to the N5105 and a significant 100% increase compared to the previous KNote PC tablet. It fulfills all your needs, from office tasks to design work and entertainment. Even when dealing with complex and precise computations, the N95 effortlessly handles them.

Unlock a 29%-50% speed

Boost with a 12%-20% power reduction 16GB LPDDR5 high-speed memory for optimal performance


Significant Speed Boost


Lower Power Usage

Intel® UHD Graphics

16 EUs, Matching a 16-Core Architecture

Available experience

The GT Book 13 Plus comes equipped with Intel® UHD Graphics, offering smooth performance for graphics-intensive tasks like running office software, online videos, and social chatting applications.

Effortlessly handle 8K AV1 encoded videos

The integrated graphics display remarkable video decoding capabilities, supporting the latest video formats like AV1. It effortlessly plays 4K videos encoded in HEVC and even 8K AV1 encoded videos.

Even Faster! PCIe Twice as Fast as SSD
512GB PCIe M.2 Solid State Drive
Supports TF Card for Expanded Storage

M.2, originally known as the NGFF interface, follows the PCI Express M.2 Specification standard. Tailored for Ultrabooks, it offers blazing-fast 512GB solid-state storage with superior read and write performance, enabling rapid application launches. Plus, it accommodates TF card expansion for additional storage space.

Elegance Meets Portability
13.5" Thin metal body
Lightweight on the go design

Designed to impress, GT Book13 Plus boasts a thin metal body, weighing only 1.3kg. Its slim 16mm profile makes it the perfect travel companion for work and entertainment, offering a powerful and lightweight solution for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Compared to similarly-priced plastic laptops, the Alldocube GT Book 13 Plus, with its metal body, offers:

Premium Look:

The metal body adds a touch of sophistication and quality, elevating the overall appearance.

Tougher Build:

Metal is sturdier than plastic, making the laptop more resistant to drops and impacts.

Better Heat Dissipation:

Metals dissipate heat more efficiently, ensuring cooler operation and improved performance.

Sleeker Design:

Metal bodies often sport a more refined and elegant design, enhancing the laptop's visual appeal and user experience.

Efficient Cooling: Powerful and Cool
Bottom Air Vents for Cooling Efficiency

Stay at your best with GT Book 13 Plus's ultra-thin high-speed fan and copper heat pipes. Our intelligent temperature control and silent technology ensure optimal performance, keeping your laptop cool and composed even during intense tasks. Experience powerful cooling that never compromises.

Experience Impressive Sound

4 Speakers, 2-Box Architecture. Innovatively Designed with Two Independent Chambers in Each Box.

Versatility essential for work and entertainment

Unleash the Power of Windows 11

Experience the latest generation of Windows with Windows 11. Discover an array of new features, including a redesigned Start menu, Taskbar, Action Center experience, Widgets, Desktops, File Explorer, and overhauled Settings app.

Supports a Wide Range of Android Apps

Windows 11 also allows you to run Android apps alongside other Windows applications, opening up a world of possibilities on your GT Book 13 Plus.

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