Alldocube KNote X

Great Performance in Slim Body

KNote X
Extraordinary 2-In-1 Tablet

8th Intel Quad-core

Higher performance

9th UHD Graphics

Graphics 600

Fully laminated

13.3inch 2K screen



Unibody kickstand

Slim & light



Full-featured Type-C

A port that has it all

Windows 10 Home

Build to be different

8th Intel Quad-core Gemini Lake N4100 Processor

The Intel Gemini Lake N4100 is a quad-core SoC, manufactured in a 14 nm process. It runs at 1.1-2.4 GHz (Single Core Burst, Multi Core Burst max 2.4 GHz), doubles the amount of L2 cache, offering 30% improved overall performance.

Quiet in use, excel in heat dissipation

KNote X sports a fanless design to keep it quiet in use, and it excels in heat dissipation by making the best use of thermal conductive silicone, thermal foam and thermal copper sheet besides the use of lower power-consumption processor, and noise-canceling SSD.

13.3 inch 2K screen, a walking theater

KNote X carries a 13.3-inch fully laminated 2K IPS screen with resolution of 2560×1440. Magic Color Panel utilized in KNote X can greatly boost the color grading and showcase more rich and vivid colors.

2560×1440 Magic Color Panel displays more true-to-life images

Less is More

The Magic Color Panel on KNote X is fully laminated to reduce the loss of colors and showcase more detailed and vibrant images.

See every detail

There is no air nor needless reflection between the Magic Color Panel and the touch screen on KNote X, so the images pops up in clarity and more brightly.

Magic Color Panel
Regular Panel

Ultra slim body, unibody kickstand

KNote X adopts aviation-grade aluminum alloy back cover, its ergonomic design is there to make sure it stays in perfect shape within a ultra slim body. The unibody kickstand is designed to be rugged and non-deformable for a wide range of applications.

High performing RAM and SSD

The 8GB DDR4 RAM really beefs up when loading multiple applications at once. 128GB SSD stores more documents at your needs.

Stable Internet Connection

Dual band 5G/2.4G WiFi supports 802.11 ac self-adaptive wireless transmission protocol, allowing you to have stable internet connection even on-the-go.

A Type-C port that does it all

Got many devices to hook up? With full-featured Type-C, it charges your Knote X, transfers your data and supports HDMI output faster than ever.

**PD charger and HDMI adapter are not included.

Skin-friendly keyboard offers greater comfort in typing

The keyboard is well crafted as a fine art, delivering incredible in-hand feeling. It cradles your hands and relieve stress on the joints and tendons, resulting in greater comfort .

**The keyboard is sold separately.

Backlit keyboard shines at night

The keyboard is backlit, you can easily adjust the brightness to meet your needs in low light conditions, typing at nights is of great comfort too.

The UHD Graphics 600, a DirectX 12 capable GPU

The UHD Graphics 600 includes a DirectX 12 capable GPU to get blazingly fast performance, higher frames per second, and reduced latency. Equipped with 12 EUs and a clock of up to 700 MHz, it supports 10bit 4K 60fps video decoding and more, the performance is improved by 33%.

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