Eighth generation quad-core

Lower cost higher speed

UHD graphics card

Graphics 600 core card

Full laminated 2K screen

13.3 inch IPS display



Integrated stand

Slim body, Free and Easy

Skin-friendly touch keyboard

Boost up productivity

Windows 10

Extraordinary achievement

USB + Type-C


Eighth-generation Gemini Lake N4100 quad-core processor, Lower cost higher speed

KNote X Pro is equipped with Intel’s eighth-generation Gemini Lake N4100 quad-core processor. The advanced 14nm process not only brings ultra-low power consumption, but also has a peak frequency of 2.4GHz. Increased by 30%, makes the page loading and application start up smooth and fast. The built-in Windows operating system brings you a more responsive touch experience and a simpler user interface, so that all your operations are handy.

Cool and Quiet

In order to solve the heat dissipation problems caused by long time using, KNote X Pro adopts the more intelligent Intel 8th-generation Gemini Lake N4100 quad-core processor, while adding more thermal silicone, lengthened thermal foam, and increased thermal copper, no fan active cooling effect is obvious. In addition, the solid-state hard disk used by KNote X Pro eliminates noise pollution from the root, giving you a comfortable and quiet working environment.

Broader Horizons, 13.3 inches full laminated 2K screen

Equipped with a 13.3-inch full laminated 2K high-definition IPS full-view display and with the 2560×1440 resolution, the watching experience is better and more exciting. The bandwidth is 33% higher than the previous generation, making KNote X Pro becomes a true portable cinema.

2560 × 1440 resolution Black diamond screen

Extraordinary, free and easy, Slim body multi-angle integrated bracket

The black diamond screen and the strong aviation-grade aluminum alloy back cover together create a thin and light body. Adopts aerospace-grade aluminum alloy as cover, with ergonomic design, and triple process to achieve a more reasonable and scientific thin and light design. The bracket design is rugged and durable, suitable for various usage environments.


KNote X Pro uses 8G high-speed DDR4 running memory to easily start multiple programs and brings a smoother and better operating experience; 128G SSD solid-state hard disk storage, system operation, software startup, and faster file reading, bringing efficient and intelligent life.

USB + Type-C Dual-band WiFi

Provides standard USB 3.0 interface to make your daily use more convenient. Type-C interface allows KNote X Pro to fast charging, HDMI high-definition video output, data transmission and other functions to meet your multi-device connection needs. It’s equipped with 802.11ac ultra-low-latency dual-band WiFi, bringing you a lower-latency 5G WiFi connection experience, making the wireless network faster and more stable.

Works with art-grade skin-friendly touch keyboard

KNote X Pro designed a special leather keyboard for purchase, with exquisite materials and delicate workmanship, brings you enjoyment at work.

Ice-blue backlight is comfortable at night

The leather case keyboard with ice blue backlight design, its brightness can also be easily adjusted. It is convenient and comfortable to use even at night

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