Watch the detail

10.5-inch 2K 2560*1600

Samsung Super AMOLED display

AKM Hi-Fi chip

Premium theater-quality sound

6.9mm ultra-thin

All metal unibody design

MediaTek MT8176

Hexa Core 64-bit processor

Android 8.1 Oreo OS


Fingerprint scanner

Unlock instantly and securely

8000mAh battery

Pump Express 2.0 quick charging

8MP/8MP dual camera

Ultra brilliant Samsung Super AMOLED display

Equipped with advanced Samsung Super AMOLED high-resolution screen,ALLDOCUBE X definitely brings you a fantastic visual experience.It provides a range of benefits, such as: rapid response,lower power dissipation, better transmittance, outstanding luminescence and so on.


10.5-inch 2560×1600 resolution
Wider color gamut, more vivid & natural colors

Color capacity is the index to judge the richness of color performance!The DCI-P3 color gamut reaches up to 100%,the NTSC color gamut reaches up to 105% while the LCD screen is only 86%,which brings you the cinema level visual experience. Furthermore 2560×1600 2K resolution,achieves delicate and clear image display, makes each word clear and sharp.

With the self-luminous technology, Samsung Super AMOLED screen effectively reduced the harmful blue light,and won the safety certification. According to the certification result,the harmful blue light (wavelength: 435±20nm) of AMOLED screen is 15.2%, only half of the LCD screen.

Present a better picture with HDR

With HDR supported in Alldocube X,it aims to deliver a visual treat, to be a truly media tablet.HDR technology can balance out light and dark areas or the range of colours,and not to lose, for example, shadow detail because of a bright sky.

Ultra-slim 6.9mm body

Thanks to the full lamination of the AMOLED screen and touch panel,and more advanced all metal CNC unibody technology,we're able to create ALLDOCUBE X at just 6.9mm thin, which is an industry-leading level.

AKM Hi-Fi sound quality
Brings amazing enjoyment

Adopting AKM Hi-Fi chip, ALLDOCUBE X greatly improved the detail expressiveness and gradation of the sound,reproduced its sense of space and distance. Working with Super AMOLED screen,brings you stunning audio experience just like private cinema.

Hexa-core CPU + New generation GPU

High performance MediaTek Hexa-core MT8176 CPU with TSMC 28nm HPM technology,which makes the highest frequency reaches 2.1GHz. Comprising with 4GB RAM,it can respond smoothly even handles multitasking. In addition,no more worry about space limitation when you have 64GB ROM.

Large capacity
combination 4GB + 64GB

4GB of RAM on ALLDOCUBE X perfectly handles multitasking,together with 64GB of ROM and supports up to 128GB of TF expansion,the ALLDOCUBE X stores massive amount of APP, movies and files etc.

Fingerprint unlock
More secure, efficient & convenient

Packed with the Fingerprint recognition key, it can recognize the information accurately and fastly, fully guaranteed your security and privacy.

New Android 8.1 Oreo
Most palatable Android version

You have twice as fast tasks boot time and better battery life with Vitals initiative. The PiP (Picture-in-Picture) allows you take the Youtube videos as you switch from app to app, and there are so much more than these.

8000mAh battery
USB-C and MTK PE+ quick charging

Thanks to 8000mAh polymer battery and the Google Vitals,the ALLDOCUBE X has an ultra-long standby time of 72 hours,heavy use of 5.5 hours, and long battery life to accompany you throughout the day.The PE+ technology support the following range of output: 5V/7V/9V-2A and 12V-1.5A.

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Comment (332)

  • Ritesh Bhimte

    I am form India,want to buy this Tablet, How can I buy?

  • Pepileo

    Qué bonito tableta cuando se puede pedir en España

  • Mickusa

    This tablet does not have GPS built-in. It does not have AGPS built-in. It does not have GLONASS built-in… but yet you advertise this tablet supports GPS. A marketing department description that simply simply says “supports GPS” tells me nothing. What does “Supports GPS” actually mean on the ALLDOCUBE X 64GB MT8176 Hexa Core 10.5 Inch Android 8.1 tablet? Are there any electronics inside this tablet that can actually calculate GPS position of the tablet when the tablet is used all by itself as a simple stand-alone device?

  • James Wiseman

    using my cube for diary and outlook – for past six months etc…the sound level on phone is a bit low even at full volume – can you reset to higher ? —apart from that this is a great device – keep developing it !….ps.. get some cases in stock to ship with it – extra sales for you !

  • Merrill Oberg

    Thanks for sharing..

  • ririo

    When do you expect to ship it ?

    • service

      Dear friend:
      Thanks for your message.I’m sorry for we have delayed the shipping,we plan to begin to ship in late NOV.

      • muby

        oh! oh! is very BAD…
        I allow myself to speak on behalf of all supporters of Alldocube X, certainly they think like me. you promised to start shipments at the beginning of November … then in the middle of the month your e-mail arrives in my post office box saying that you have not done it and that you start shipping at the end of the month.
        just to answer my question when I have my Alldo X, you have spent more than 25 days.
        At this point I wonder what you will do to us to apologize for your huge delay … what will be the gesture or better to say your tribute to all the supporters of your project?
        courage and best regards from Muby

        • Henry Oppenheim

          I am a 51 year veteran of the computer industry. Delays in introduction of a new product is usual. I am also waiting for the Alldocube X but I will rather wait a few weeks than having to face the glitches of an early introduction with bugs. For quite some time I have taken the position of never bying a 1.0 product or software release. I hope the beta testers will have done there job, it is the foremost interest of Alldocube and there distributors. Since I am not a beta tester, I don’t want to be a guinea pig and will check the first comments once the product is release.

          In my opinion the best gesture Alldocube could do to it’s early supporter is not any kind of gift or discount but to release a product without any problem.

          An old Timer


          • Muby

            I fully agree with you Henry Oppenheim …
            I have always supported the right alternatives to the world-famous Brands that make you pay handsomely and too much.
            It would be better if Alldocube X will be a good product at least almost near to perfection …
            a striking example on the other side of the medal.
            We look forward to it with anxiety and wonder.

  • Alfredo

    Nice tablet

  • Andreas

    Warum kein GPS ?

    • Henry Oppenheim

      meine deutsche schrift ist nicht gut!!! So I will try to answer in English.

      I am not with alldocube ans didn’t write the product specifications so it’s only guess.
      I suspect that they had to make a choice about their market target. The spec look great if you are watching video, playing games and browsing. They could have added GPS but frankly GPS, but for rare occasions, is not very convenient to use on a 10″ tablet I must admit that in the last 6 year I never used it on any tablet. Like most of the people I have a smartphone and tht’s good enough to get directions and trace activities in 99% of the case.
      Hope you can read my English? otherwise I could try French.

      Henry ( Paris)

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