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Alldocuhe X is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 killer featuring 2K , HiFi and Android 8.1

Jul 12,2018


The Alldocube X is a very thin (6.9mm,500g)10.5-inch tablet with a Samsung AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2560x1600. Samsung AMOLED can show superior movie quality,wide color gamut and excellent contrast. AMOLED technology’s wide color gamut and High Dynamic Range meet DCI-P3 standard, providing users with an exceptional movie viewing experience on their mobile device. AMOLED is capable of displaying a wide range of light expressions, from midnight black to the dazzling sunlight. It achieves the HDR standard at 145% by creating a truer tone of black that is 1,000 timesdarker than the black shown in LCD. A wide HDR coverage adds depth and richness to images, creating a superior user experience. Other than,AMOLED technology puts less strain on users’ eyes because it emits 50% less bluelight than LCD. With AMOLED, you can use your digital display while keeping your eyes comfortable. With MT8176 six-core CPU, 4G LPDDR3 RAM and 64G eMMC storage, It can smoothly play 4K high-quality movies, support 128G TF card expansion, and store dozens of HD movies.   In addition, Alldocube X uses AKM hifi sound chip to get an immersive experience when wearing headphones to watch movies. Fingerprint encryption can better protect your privacy.   Alldocube X boasts a meticulously crafted design that measures at just 245*175*6.9mm——Equal in size to the iPad pro 10.5-inch tablet(257*179*6.4mm). Thanks to 8000mAh polymer battery and the Google Vitals, the ALLDOCUBE X has an ultra-long standby time of 72 hours, heavy use of 5.5 hours, and long battery life to accompany you throughout the day.   ALLDOCUBE X supports MTK PE+ quick charging, which is the newest charging technology of MTK, with an up to 18W charging input, it can dramatically shorten the charging time. The PE+ technology support the following range of output: 5V/7V/9V-2A and 12V-1.5A. Besides, the battery has a long lasting life, it retains 85% of the battery capacity even after 1000 charge cycles. We believe that Alldocube X is a cinema that you can take with you. Want to know more? Check more details here:   Sign up to receive our 26% super early bird discount on the above page! Only the early buyers can get such a discount price! Subscribe now!