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    Hi Alldocube,

    I bought U81D tablet only for playing clash of clans and nothing else.

    Everything was fine in the first 3 months.

    Then problems starting to came up

    1) bloatware called xfota and imesh keeps showing up.

    2) when I played clash of clans, in the middle of the game suddenly the application (clash of clans) are closed. we were being force to desktop.

    The same thing also happened with other application.

    3) i tried reset factory so i can get a fresh start. It only working properly for 30 minutes till one hour.

    I set in google play so application can not do automatic update without my permission. But it useless. The tablet still do automatic update without my permisson.

    4) the right side part of the screen. the touch screen is not working. I have to turn the tablet upside down, from the right to the left, so i can touch the right part.

    So my question, is there any solution for this issue ?

    Can i do a clean install for this tablet without any bloatware. I only using this tablet for playing clash of clans and nothing else.

    Waiting for reply so desperately