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    i have problem with my iWork10 in reseting process to factory configuration Win10.

    I worked with my iWork10 for 2 years. And desided to reset the nootebook and present to a friend.

    Reseting procedures worked properly in Android and in Win10. Android was clear and ran initial setup without problem.

    In contrast – Win10 asked me the username and password! 

    What can I do?


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    It is recommended that you reinstall windows os ,

    and then restore drivers for i15tc:https://mega.nz/#!aGYEWShD!csFB2U8Ng09X97VIVKTU99AFrzsDyYu9or7Hw8YoTaU

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      reinstall? it’s the the tablet PC. How can i do that? At the first time i did the basic win10 function.

      Is there the factory function somethere? I have no software somethere on disk or something :,(

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