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    Denis Gostevsky(Starter)

    Dear Alldocube,

    I have purchased the M5XS tablet, which had the problem with constant power off after every 30-40 minutes of operation.

    I performed hard reset of the tablet, but then it started to enter power off condition even on welcome screen after booting.

    I decided to flash the new updated firmware for M5XS, which I found on this website in the firmware download section.

    The flashing was successful, but now I have corrupted screen with colourful stripes, and can not boot the device.

    In fact, I have the T1001XS version of the tablet, and the firmware, which is available for download is for T1006XS, and does not work on my tablet.

    Please, provide us for proper firmware for T1001XS version on M5XS tablet, as I really want a working device.

    P.S.: i managed to flash a firmware from “Alldocube M8” tablet to my tablet and it works, but the system is in vertical orientation and the touchscreen does not work properly.

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    Alessio Perrone

    Same for me i’m waiting answer from support; the wrong file is lk.img wich sets an icorrect resolution to the display