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    bob morane(Starter)

    hi i’m french sorry for my english 😉

    i have bought second hand cube i7 remix os tab to a firend and i made a very bad mistake:(

    i would erase all videos and photos and i decided the best way is to reset to factory setting!!

    it was the biggest foolish that i did!:( cause the playstore return to 2015 version and when the google services update to the last version of the play store i get a white screen and black screen and the playstore di dn’t want to lauch it:(

    so i flash ,install twrp recovery ,root and install the 4.4.4 remix os rom whith the playstore app included but it will be the same at each time the old version change to the last ans always white and black screen:( !

    could someone give the version of the google services and playstore wich work on this tablet?

    maybe like this tab works with a x86 processor it doesn’t work with last version of google on it?

    i’m desperate i hope someone could really help me:(


    thanx a lot

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    Since you have already used twrp to flash,you can try opengapps on https://opengapps.org/

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