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2019-07-04 02:51:43

Quote #5F by @win2tabless:

The installation method is recommended to use the dism command or dism++ software to back up the factory windows os drivers, then install the official Microsoft windows os image, and then restore the drivers. Are you using this method?

My fault, no( Could you please provide me with an original drivers set for restore?

2019-07-05 09:08:04


three files :windows 10 factory install zip file, drives backuped by dism command for windows10 , windows 10 factory install guides

2020-09-15 03:37:57

I have he same problem with battery charging. Original software no changes

iWork 10 Pro-The charging time is extreme slow. Charging icon in task bar in W10 mode, does not show if battery is charging. When cable is connected to USB charging port the battery icon bar moves a few times and stops moving -no motion, no charging. It is misleading indication. Icon displays time needed to complete charging instead of battery charging information the same way as it is don in Android, where it is clearly written that battery is charging. Do you have an update for battery charging monitor software? I'm very unhappy with it

2020-12-18 07:04:42

Any solution for this problem?

Hav same problem here

Viewing 4 posts - 6 through 9 (of 9 total)
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