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    I have 2 iWork10 which are i15-TG and i1002s.

    However, both iWork10 became it cannot be turned on yesterday and today.

    When I push power button a few second, blue light was flashing and cannot boot any OS.

    After push power button for 10 seconds, blue light was disappeared.

    After I tried above several times, nothing is occued when push power button.

    How to solve this trouble ?  Please help me.

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    I found root cause for this matter.

    I bought new one which is i1002s. However this new iWork10 became  it cannot be turned on, too.

    So, I checked the charge cable which is attached wtih previous i1002s and I found that this charge cable is shorted VCC and Signal (-)  internally.

    I contacted ALLDOCUBE’s support three times by E-mail and there is no reply yet.

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