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ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Tablet PC - display change
2020-10-02 18:03:51
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Recently I changed the display of this tablet ( because some oil got inside the tablet and made its way inside the LCD screen. The tablet is working and no other components have been damaged. However, after I went to a GSM service, they changed the display but there is no image on the screen. The tablet turns on, has signal (the back of the screen has light) but there is no image. The screen was ordered from aliexpress. Now, I suspect there could be 3 explanation, but I need your opinions:

  1. screen is not compatible or faulty, although the specification are the same as original display.
  2. the software could have gone crazy and i need to reinstall it (or reinstall the firmware). the tablet stayed off for several months
  3. i need to configure the screen?? i found somewhere in the internet that this can happen when the display is changed.

I searched a lot of forums and websites but there is no info about this tablet and how to repair it. Any advice is useful and hope someone can help me repair the tablet. Also, I sent 2 emails to customer support but i got no response.

Thank you!

2020-11-28 20:46:37
#2F anyone going to respond or what?


2020-11-28 20:47:42

aaaaaa... alldocube? hello?

2020-11-28 20:59:07

me: *calling 911

911: 911 what is your emergency?

me: hello, I want to report a crime.

911: can you please identify yourself?

me: sure, I was a happy alldocube customer, and now I am not sure anymore.

911: alright, what seems to be the problem?

me: alldocube seemed like a legit Chinese company, but in fact, they don't care about their customers.

911: we understand and will further start an investigation. in the meanwhile, you can try other electronic devices from companies that actually have customer relationship personnel.

me: thank you very much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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