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    Is a tablet being too old for you, then we have brought you are more attractive tablet PC. Yes, here you have got the feature of both a tablet and a laptop in one device. This is the Cube’s new Alldocube Cube KNote 2 in 1 Tablet PC. The device is currently on pre-order sale. You can check it out from the below link provided.

    Alldocube Cube KNote Review 2 in 1 Tablet PC

    This Alldocube KNote 2 in 1 Tablet PC offers one of the best hardware and software feature you can get at this price. Though cube has not changed any outer design as it has gone with the same design as other tablets, it has added some best in class hardware. From powerful processor to large memory together with the big battery. Below we have discussed all the features in more details.

    Table of Contents

    (Buying Guide) Alldocube Cube KNote Review: 2 in 1 Tablet PC Deal Price
    Alldocube Cube KNote Features & Specifications –
    Alldocube Cube KNote Operating System: (OS)
    Alldocube Cube KNote Battery: (Battery Life)
    Alldocube Cube KNote Display:
    Alldocube Cube KNote Processor:
    Alldocube Cube KNote Memory:
    Alldocube Cube KNote Camera:
    Alldocube Cube KNote Ports & Connectivity:
    Alldocube Cube KNote Accessories:
    Alldocube Cube KNote Pros –
    Cube KNote 2 in 1 Tablet Overview

    (Buying Guide) Alldocube Cube KNote Review: 2 in 1 Tablet PC Deal Price

    The Alldocube Cube KNote 2 in 1 Table comes with a full metal outer cover. It gives it quite a sturdy look though there is nothing new as you get the same old Cube’s design for all its tablet. The KNote Tablet device comes only in dark grey color. All the button is on the top, and the ports are mostly on the left side. The dual speaker is located on both the sides for better surround music. Overall a good-looking device. The features are discussed more in details below.

    At a Glance:

    So here we are showing you everything about this Alldocube Cube KNote Tablet. Hope you will surely get all the pieces of information and buying guide from here. & you can also grab the very discounted deal price from here.

    Alldocube Cube KNote Features & Specifications –

    Alldocube Cube KNote Operating System: (OS)
    This 2 in 1 tablet PC comes with the most popular and easy to use the operating system

    The Alldocube KNote device comes with Windows 10 Home Edition out of the box.
    The OS comes with English and Chinese pack Language. You can go for other language packs by downloading it over the internet.
    The OS comes with a very easy user interface for everyone to access and use it.
    The OS has its own battery management application, which ensures the best battery usage for long running time.

    Alldocube Cube KNote Battery: (Battery Life)

    The device is powered by a large 4000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery.
    The KNote device uses the DC port for charging the device and requires around 4 hours to charge the device.
    On normal usage like web surfing and playing casual games, you can definitely use the tablet for over a day on full charge.
    To know more about the details the current rating of the adapter, please check the link to the site provided below.

    Alldocube Cube KNote Display:

    The main attraction of any smartphone is the display as it is the center of attraction.

    Alldocube Cube KNote Screen Size:
    The Alldocube KNote device comes with a big 11.6- inch LCD display screen.
    Alldocube Cube KNote Screen Resolution:
    The screen is Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.
    Alldocube Cube KNote Display Type:
    Cube has made a unique display for fast sensing the touch. The display is LCD screen for clear and wide-angle viewing.
    The display comes with a 10- point touch finger sensor which is good while playing games.
    The KNote device has no air design, and it uses the touch panel and the glass panel to increase the response

    Alldocube Cube KNote Processor:

    Coming to more about the internal configuration of the device. Here we will discuss the brain of the tablet.

    Alldocube Cube KNote Specs:
    Cube has used the latest Intel Celeron (Apollo Lake) processor for its new KNote Tablet.The Alldocube KNote device comes with Intel Celeron N3450 Quad-core
    The cores are clocked at 1.1 GHz which can be turbo boosted up to 2.2 GHz.
    The device has high level of multitasking and have smooth execution time
    The processor is based on Nanotechnology (14 nm), that ensure operation on low voltage and produce less heat but maximizes the output efficiency


    One of the best buy if you are into 2 in 1 tablet PC. The design might not be attractive but it some of the best features and hardware that you can get in this price range. The Alldocube Cube KNote 2 in 1 Tablet PC device is currently in pre-order sales. Go now and grab one for yourself while the product last. You can get it from here at the hugely discounted deal price. Click on the link or open the site to access the device.

    If you have any queries or want to know more about this Alldocube Cube KNote 2 in 1 Tablet PC device feel free to comment down below and we will surely get back to you with a reply. If you liked this Alldocube KNote Tablet review and was helpful to you, then do share it with other people who are in the market for a good 2 in 1 tablet.


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