System Firmware


Please pay attention to back up the tablet data before flashing, beware of data loss due to errors. FAQs


Product Model : T1006XS

Release date : 2019-12-21

File size : 1.08GB

Downloads : 4,695

Update log:


SP Flash Tool

File size : 52.5MB

Support system : Windows

Tool for Alldocube users to update Tablet's system.


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  • yjflash

    2019-03-18 04:54

    I purchased the alldocube m5xs(t1006xs) product for overseas delivery.

    But there are other parts as below.

    Is t1001xs and t1006xs the same product model? Or are they different models
    Please answer.

  • Dk

    2020-03-31 19:56

    My tablet (m5xs) has crush bluetooth audio using LTE data.
    I TESTED under Wifi then no problem.
    Tested at all of bluetooth speakers (sony xb-30 xb-31 and my car bluetooth audio)
    All of them disconnect and reconnect continued.
    I think lte and bluetooth frequency has crushed.
    FACTORY reset has no solustion.
    And new latest firmware either.
    Please fix it.
    Now I can't use mobile data(usim) only use wifi

  • Jaume Ruiz Gillué

    2020-04-11 04:54

    Instructions for use to TABLET ALLDOCUBE M5X 4GB MTK x27

  • Jaume Ruiz Gillué

    2020-04-11 05:19

    Necessary the instructions use tablet ALLDOCUBE M5X

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