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iPlay10 Pro

iPlay10 Pro


System Firmware


Please pay attention to back up the tablet data before flashing, beware of data loss due to errors. FAQs


Product Model : U1006

Release date : 2019-12-21

File size : 816.9 MB

Downloads : 7,940

Update log:


SP Flash Tool

File size : 52.5MB

Support system : Windows

Tool for Alldocube users to update Tablet's system.


Comment (6)

  • Amin

    2020-01-22 03:21

    after update with this rom we tablet is stuck in start screen . the serial number is U1006S32GB.. i upgrated with this update because i wanted to install Google playstore. now tablet is not working

    • Leandro

      2020-03-16 19:28

      I have the same problem
      any solution?

  • Silvio Rüger

    2020-01-23 03:16

    Dear Support

    When will i get a Android Security Update. The System is from Juni 2019.

    Best Regards
    Silvio Rüger

  • Silvio Rüger

    2020-02-22 01:40

    What does it mean?

  • Kristinaarela

    2020-03-19 10:47

    Anybody home? 🙂

  • Jose

    2020-05-03 10:25

    Hi! What is the correct firmware model for U1006S32GB? I would like to have a backup . There are several models on the site, but none mention U1006S.

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