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Please pay attention to back up the tablet data before flashing, beware of data loss due to errors. FAQs


Product Model : T1023

Release date : 2022-02-14

File size : 1.5GB

Downloads : 2756

Update log:

The old version firmwares for X Game:


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  • anwardk

    hello , i have a charging problem with this tablet , the charging percentage isn’t accurate unless i unplug/plug the cable each time ! and i’m afraid to update to the latest firmware after reading comments bellow !

    1. VITALIY reply to Anonymous

      Update, charging original

  • I want to buy this tablet but I am scared of support;
    was like 0 on my T701.

    Why do not make a firmware unlocked with root for everyone ? In 2022 not be admin of our device is absurd with all privacy complaint etc.
    Please do a root version with a warning for normal users to lost warranty maybe.

    Where is the changelog of firmware ? Are there already problems with this model like I read below ?

    1. VITALIY reply to Ninja_Gundam

      I agree. But I’m not even talking about root anymore. DSU updates are hanging in the developers, the options from the Internet did not work out. On xda, a comrade does everything for MTK. in general asked for alldocube, please unlock boot

      1. Kotfutius reply to Anonymous

        And what prevents you from patching the boot yourself?
        If there is no knowledge, then no manuals will save you from snot and whining. Wait for 4PDA.to I’ll make the root firmware as I get a tablet…

        1. Виталий reply to Anonymous

          I tried 2 ways, it didn’t work out. And what about snot? If you know an option please let me know.


    Fix bag sd card!!!
    Unlock bootloader! Dsu package instalation


    please bat unlock bootloader


    Hello! Root what?

  • Zhenya

    Good afternoon, dear Alldocube company, I wanted to ask why your company does not update new tablet models such as Alldocube x game. There is no software support, the correct inverted gyroscope axis does not work on this tablet model. Android 11 does not work correctly!!!

  • Fox

    after update i have e problem. in tablet have android error and reboot. can you send me stock rom to use spd tool from repair my tablet?

  • I tried to update the tablet to the latest firmware but I get an error and I can’t (I wrote about it on the contact page).
    I hope that this update will solve the problem of the inverted axis gyroscope and the unexpected stops of the Waze application.