System update


iPlay 7T

iPlay 7T


System Firmware


Please pay attention to back up the tablet data before flashing, beware of data loss due to errors. FAQs


Product Model : T701

Release date : 2019-12-24

File size : 1.24GB

Downloads : 5,218

Update log:


SP Flash Tool

File size : 52.5MB

Support system : Windows

Tool for Alldocube users to update Tablet's system.


Comment (17)

  • Maria Alves

    2020-04-13 05:37

    Hi Alldocube!

    This update does not work!
    Is it possíble to install Android 9 in this tablet iPlay7T (T701) from Google directly because
    your update doesn´t work! And If it possíble, would you be able to give me support?
    My tablet is still on warranty!


  • bartez

    2020-05-07 22:39

    Please Update add language Polish

  • abstractcache

    2020-06-03 09:36

    Hello Alldocube,

    Developer options: Bootloader unlocked
    Fastboot: FAILED (remote: Flashing Lock Flag is locked. Please unlock it first!)

    I want to root my tablet and accept that this voids warranty.

    Thank you

    • Ninja_Gundam

      2020-11-05 00:38

      I request this thing too. I want to buy others of this tablet but without root to me is no good.
      Please really unlock them, release a .pac fw unlocked.
      Thanks in advance.


  • majmariu

    2020-07-10 17:36

    How to unlock the bootloader?

  • Jari Lastikka

    2020-07-10 20:56

    Is it possible to get a firmware with Swedish language?

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