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iPlay 20/iPlay 20 Pro

iPlay 20/iPlay 20 Pro


System Firmware


Please pay attention to back up the tablet data before flashing, beware of data loss due to errors. FAQs


Product Model : T1011S/T1011B

Release date : 2020-10-16

File size : 1.21GB

Downloads : 22,650

Update log:

The last three version firmwares for Iplay20 is:

  • firmware upgrade tool & guide download link: Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and Guide.rar
  • Download

    SP Flash Tool

    File size : 52.5MB

    Support system : Windows

    Tool for Alldocube users to update Tablet's system.


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    • Robertdano

      2020-10-19 19:48

      I used SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R24.0.0003
      but that you already know, of course.
      So: open the software, click on the start/play arrow.... connect the tablet to PC, but before you get logged out, or before connecting, press play button and volume button on the tablet (volume button first, then play button).... hold the button down until the update starts
      Hold it for about 40s
      It worked for me....

      • Mobile Guru Myanmar

        2020-11-25 19:08

        Do you mean we have to connect tablet to pc first, then pess volume down button in tablet before press play button on the flash tool on PC?
        Correct Sir?

    • Geoff Nolan

      2020-10-21 01:07

      It did not work for me. The upgrade software worked just fine and loaded the downloaded file on the pc. That's as far as it went. I connected the tablet and tried what you suggested, both with the tablet on and switched off. I pressed the volume up and volume down button on the tablet after pressing the play arrow in the upgrade software screen but nothing happens at all. Any ideas? Am I missing something?

      • pavel.gregor

        2020-10-21 16:27

        Napíš mi svoj mail lebo je to dvojmo všetko ...napíšeme si krok pokroku

    • pavel.gregor

      2020-10-21 02:03

      Ide to aj takto. Ale ja som použil iný spôsob stiahol som do Pc https://mega.nz/file/dBMVmQoY#Rc7k_2j5HPE6lpCrmxUYXiB1zhBChXRuKIZ_7_1FwBU
      a iPlay20 (T1011S) -SK-20200824.
      Postup je tu na stránke výrobcu https://www.alldocube.com/en/firmware/alldocube-iplay20t1011s-firmware-download/comment-page-2/#comment-6835 a potom som odzipoval oba programy to všetko na Pc. Otvoril som súbor Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool and Guide a tam po otvorení je ResearchDownload. Dvojklik otvorí program a tento program otvorí súbor iPlay20 (T1011S) -SK-20200824 sám alebo treba cez prvé ozubené koliesko otvoriť iPlay20 (T1011S) -SK-20200824. Pripojiť tablet ku Pc a následne stlačiť tlačidlo play trojuholník. A program aktualizuje firmware tabletu na vyššiu verziu.
      Skúšal som postup od Robertdano a ten postup ma naviedol na postup ktorý som použil ja. Lebo môj Windows nechcel pustiť program.

    • Robertdano

      2020-10-21 03:06

      volume button --
      silence / -- / minus

    • Geoff Nolan

      2020-10-21 04:24

      I have tried everything but without any success. Even worse, my tablet has crashed. It now has a completely black screen and does not respond to any combination of button presses. Does anyone know how to recover from this situation? Luckily, I did a full back up beforehand, so should be able to recover data to a new tablet, if I can't restore it.

      • pavel.gregor

        2020-10-21 16:26

        Napíš mi svoj mail lebo je to dvojmo všetko ...napíšeme si krok pokroku

    • Geoff Nolan

      2020-10-22 16:39

      Thank you. I have managed to fix the problem. For your info, I removed the back of the tablet, disconnected and reconnected the battery, connected the pc and ran the upgrade tool again after pressing and holding the up volume button. It worked! The tablet was reset with the new firmware. Only problem is, I had to reload all my apps from my backup. It would be so much easier of the firmware upgrade was issued OTA by WiFi.

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