System update


iPlay10 Pro

iPlay10 Pro


System Firmware


Please pay attention to back up the tablet data before flashing, beware of data loss due to errors. FAQs


Product Model : U1006HE

Release date : 2019-12-21

File size : 839.66MB

Downloads : 1,731

Update log:


SP Flash Tool

File size : 52.5MB

Support system : Windows

Tool for Alldocube users to update Tablet's system.


Comment (3)

  • Luís Coelho

    2020-02-26 02:31

    I tried to do this upgrade, but not the table doesn´t start. It stays on a boot loop on fastboot, i gess!

    • Leandro Acosta

      2020-03-17 00:23

      had u solved?

    • Luís Coelho

      2020-03-17 03:16

      Yes. I guess the problem was the invalid rom. I did a litle search and found another site that showed a different rom (iplay10pro(U1006)-Android9.0-ALLDOCUBE-20190704.rar). It looked like i choose to install one of these roms from the oficial site, without making sure that it was for my version model.

      Good luck.

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